It’s your life. Live it well.

We make food with organic ingredients. We sell products with integrity. We publish a magazine with inspiration. We are a community inspiring a movement of health and wellness in the Florida Keys and beyond.

OUR philosophy

There is a date and time in our lives when we understand that our old ways of eating, acting, thinking, or feeling no longer serve us. We realize that change is possible, and that we can help ourselves.

We believe that true health and wellness come not only from the food we eat but the thoughts we think, the actions we take, and how we choose to live our everyday lives. To live life well, is to nourish, mind, body and spirit. The date and time to do it is Now!

OUR food

We are passionate about providing the freshest, most natural, organically grown foods—nothing artificial or genetically modified. Our food is delicious and good for you, made with love!

OUR products

All of our products are carefully chosen to be of the highest quality and integrity. You can feel good knowing that we seek and select unique and exceptional products, sourced from ethical suppliers who share our philosophy.

OUR magazine

We love to share information and wisdom, weaving together stories and expertise from wellness leaders in our community. WELL brings awareness to health, nutrition, and mindful living, sharing recipes, inspirational stories, product reviews and in-depth features. Real people, real community.

OUR community

Community is at the heart of Date & Thyme. Bringing people together who share the same ideals and who are inspired to be part of a transformative movement, is the core of who we are.  Each choice we make has an impact on our own lives and that of the planet. Together we can make a difference.

WHO we are

Meet the team behind Date & Thyme



Founder | Visionary
Editor, WELL Magazine

Charlie is a passionate visionary and creator, with a dedication to inspiring and sharing the mindful life. She is a firm believer that life is to be experienced and spent her formative years traveling the world. It was in her late twenties, due to personal health challenges, that Charlie had her “aha” moment and realized that we have the power to create our own reality, and that what you eat and think have direct effects on your life as a whole. This realization lead her on a journey of self-discovery as she immersed herself in the world of natural food, nutrition, and spirituality. She moved to New York and studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, whilst gaining experience in likeminded restaurants. In 2008 Charlie moved to Key West and turned her vision of health and wellness into a reality. With the support of her business partner, a lot of faith, and an unrelenting vision, Charlie has seen Date & Thyme grow from a small take out cafe into a thriving community center.



Founder | Business Leadership

Simon is an accomplished businessman and a patron of the creative arts. He became involved in natural foods stores, in the Hudson Valley of NY, during his high school years. First, working hourly and then creating a market of his own, the natural foods and yoga community was the perfect fit. He has always been an avid reader of metaphysical books, a traveler, and enjoys a lifestyle close to nature and the waterfront. Simon spent a successful career in a corporate setting, focused on quality and continual process improvements in a team-based organization. He is deeply involved in both the Date and Thyme Cafe & Market on Key West and the Union Arts Center, a performing arts space in Sparkill, NY.



Retail | Branding
Graphic Designer, WELL Magazine

After moving from her original home in Boston, Tory traveled extensively for a number of years, eventually finding a home in Key West in 2010. Having had many years of personal experience with alternative medicine and holistic diets, she felt a shared dedication to the Date & Thyme mission. Tory has been able to draw on both her retail and arts background to create the Date & Thyme store, sourcing the product lines and designing its publications. Apart from her work at Date & Thyme, she is also an artist and musician.

Managing the daily operations are the talented Fesenfeld sisters. Brielle is the General Manager, and has been with the business on and off since we opened the doors in 2008. She brings with her a shared passion and knowledge of this lifestyle, having studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jessalyn, our Operations Manager, brings her practical, hands-on business experience to the team, improving our processes, and keeping our operations running smoothly.


Meet the amazing team making your food every day! Headed up by Michelle and Paul, our kitchen is always serving up delicious, wholesome goodness.


Meet the smiling faces waiting to greet you and help you with all your needs! Never hesitate to ask us a question or seek advice; we will always do our best to help! Beth Leonard leads our store team.

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