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Imagine yourself lying on a table fully clothed. The room is quiet.  There may be some soft relaxation music on.  You close your eyes and begin to go inward, feeling your body breathe and relax onto the table.  Then the gentle touch of hands on the top of your head is felt.  You feel a sense of warmth, cooling or deepening relaxation over the next 50 minutes, as the hand positions change.  Inwardly you may see colors, all while your mind may wander about or follow along.  Welcome to a Reiki session.

Reiki is a form of hands on healing.  It comes from a Japanese tradition attributed to Dr. Mikao Usui who began a 10 year quest in the 1800s to learn about this ancient healing.  It was Dr. Mikao Usui who began to organize this form into a system that teaches others to use their training to help facilitate healing.

Reiki practitioners are trained to feel energy, connect to the Reiki energy and channel it, allowing it to be directed towards the client.  The client’s receptivity in allowing the energy to flow through them helps with the process of healing. A session is greatly affected by the openness of both the practitioner and client.  Allowing is key, as it is a deep core of Reiki training.  We allow the healing properties of Reiki to flow through the client while releasing any agenda on the part of the practitioner.  We never know how the greater good may unfold, so we allow the greater good to be served.

The Reiki system includes different levels of training.  Reiki I focuses on learning the basics and much of the work is on self-healing.  Reiki II teaches the symbols of Reiki that assist the practitioner in aligning to the needs in the present moment, and on healing through time and space.  Reiki III is also called the Master level and is when the practitioner hones the skills of allowing, being present, and attuning others to the energy. 

Reiki is a simple, safe and natural form of healing. It is not limited by time or space so many practitioners can do work on healing past or future issues as well as present ones. Some people are called to learn Reiki for themselves so they can use this healing energy in their everyday lives. For others a healing session with a practitioner can clear blocks, increasing the flow of life force energy, helping to improve overall wellbeing. Reiki can have many different results, and can be effective in healing physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Nancy J Curran, M.Ed. is a Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Yoga on the Beach in Key West, FL and Cape Cod, MA.

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