“We are gluten free and this establishment had lots of food we could eat that also had great flavor. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful and took great care to assist us in any way we needed. We will definitely be back!”

— Trip Advisor

Our Cafe

Our business began as a small cafe in 2008, and while we have expanded to include other areas of wellness over the years, the cafe remains the heartbeat of Date & Thyme. Focusing on fresh organic foods and making everything from scratch, our emphasis has always been on serving the most nourishing food possible.

We pride ourselves on choosing the most healthful ingredients and creating delicious recipes that not only taste great but nourish the body too. We understand the growing demand for special diets and can usually accommodate such requests. Almost everything on our menu can be made gluten free and most items are also vegan.

“Love this place so much! I’m paleo and therefore need gluten free healthy options. This place had it all and I really enjoyed their dedication to providing excellent quality food and drinks. Definitely stop in for a bulletproof coffee, smoothie, juice or bite to eat.”

— Trip Advisor

Our Market

In 2012 we expanded our business, taking over the laundromat adjacent to our cafe to open our retail store. Because we are a relatively small store we pride ourselves on choosing only the very best products and creating a friendly community-focused environment.

At the Date & Thyme market you’ll find a blend of daily essentials you love, and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re inspired to cook at home, browse our organic produce and grocery selection to find the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We’ve worked hard to establish connections with local farms and are the main source of local food in Key West.

If you’re looking for a snack, you’ll find an array of healthy treats to satisfy any craving. We also carry a variety of carefully selected supplements, superfoods and beauty products to nourish and support your body, inside and out. Because we know that wellness is about more than just physical health, we offer a selection of books, crystals and gifts to inspire the spirit.

Cafe Team

We make our food with love! Headed up by Paul Gualinga, our kitchen is always serving up delicious, wholesome goodness. Date & Thyme wouldn’t be where we are today without our talented, high-spirited cafe team, creating real, nourishing food, and fabulous, fresh juices and smoothies day in and day out.

Management Team

Managing the daily operations are the talented Fesenfeld sisters. Brielle is the General Manager, and has been with the business on and off since we opened the doors in 2008. She brings with her a shared passion and knowledge of this lifestyle, having studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jessalyn, our Operations Manager, brings her practical, hands-on business experience to the team, improving our processes, and keeping our operations running smoothly.

Market Team

Never hesitate to ask us a question or seek advice; we will always do our best to help! At Date & Thyme, customer service is our rst priority. Beth Leonard leads our store team, comprised of kind, passionate individuals who are always there to make your day.

Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson

Charlie is a passionate visionary and creator, with a dedication to inspiring and sharing the mindful life. She is a firm believer that life is to be experienced and spent her formative years traveling the world.

It was in her late twenties, due to personal health challenges, that Charlie had her “aha” moment and realized that we have the power to create our own reality, and that what you eat and think have direct effects on your life as a whole.

This realization lead her on a journey of self-discovery as she immersed herself in the world of natural food, nutrition, and spirituality. She moved to New York and studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, while gaining experience in likeminded restaurants.

In 2008, Charlie moved to Key West and turned her vision of health and wellness into a reality. With the support of her business partner, a lot of faith, and an unrelenting vision, Charlie has seen Date & Thyme grow from a small take out cafe into a thriving community center.

Simon Basner
Simon Basner

Simon is an accomplished businessman and a patron of the creative arts. He became involved in natural foods stores in the Hudson Valley of NY during his high school years, first working hourly and then creating a market of his own.

The natural foods and yoga community was the perfect fit. He has always been a traveler and an avid reader of metaphysical books, and enjoys a lifestyle close to nature and the waterfront. Simon spent a successful career in a corporate setting, focused on quality and continual process improvements in a team-based organization.

He is deeply involved in both the Date and Thyme Cafe & Market in Key West and the Union Arts Center, a performing arts space in Sparkill, NY.

Tory Mata
Tory Mata

After moving from her original home in Boston, Tory traveled extensively thoughout the United States and South America for a number of years, eventually finding a home in Key West in 2010.

Having grown up in the health food world, and with many years of personal experience with alternative medicine and holistic diets, she immediately felt a shared dedication to the Date & Thyme mission.

Tory has been able to draw on both her retail and visual arts backgrounds to create the Date & Thyme natural foods market, sourcing the product lines and designing its publications. Apart from her work at Date & Thyme, she is also an artist, jewelry designer and musician.

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